The Pros and Cons of Smart Controls

The pros and cons of smart geating controls
In this article we will give an overview of how smart controls work, how they fit together, and look at the pros and cons of whether they are worth you paying out for at this time.
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Plumbing Student of The Year

Well Done Tom! Congratulations to our talented colleague, Tomasz Mordasewicz, for winning the Plumbing Student of The Year award at Barnfield College, Luton. Winning any kind of award is a great personal achievement and no doubt he will remember this …
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Credit For Boilers And Bathrooms In Luton

Luton boilers on credit
We Now Offer Finance for Boilers And Bathrooms! SafeSure Plumbing And Heating Ltd. is proud to announce that we now offer finance for work such as new bathroom installations, replacement boilers and the like. There are jobs around the home …
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What Is A MagnaCleanse?

installed MagnaClean
After reading this article you should understand what a MagnaCleanse is (central heating flushing system) and why you might want to have a MagnaClean (filter) installed in your home. We will also supply an idea of costs.   Quite a …
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Does A Water Meter Cost More?

Do water meters cost more?
By the end of this article you will learn when you will receive a water meter, how much it will cost compared to what you pay now and why it’s important that we have them. Plus, you will be warned …
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The Strange Case of ‘The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015’

Carbon monoxide detector
The Regulation That Makes No Sense Earlier  this year (2015) private landlords started to get notifications from their letting agents that there was new government legislation in the pipeline that they needed to be aware of. It related to the …
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How To Become A Plumber

Trainee female plumber
How To Become a Plumber By the end of of this article you should have an understanding of how to approach small plumbing companies with a view to gaining experience with them or, better still, employment. There are already a …
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How Often Should You Have A Boiler Service?

Close up of a gas boiler service
How Often Do You Need A Gas Boiler Service?   By the end of this short article you will understand how often a gas boiler needs to be serviced and exactly why that is. So, stick with it.   The …
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The Pros And Cons of Water Softeners

Picture of a water softener
Why People Love Their Water Softeners Note: This article includes a handy list of pros and cons at the bottom of the page and should be of real use to anybody who is trying to decide whether or not to …
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Make Water Wetter And Save Energy

Picture of boiler
How You Can Make Water Wetter And Save Energy This article explains how you can save energy and money on your heating bills. Making water wetter! Sounds improbable, we know, but it can be done . . . The wetness of water …
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