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SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Ltd. is a Gas Safe registered company and carries out tests on behalf of Landlords in and around Luton to provide Gas Safety certificates.

If you are a landlord you need to acquire a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate, annually, for any property that you own.

The CP12 is a essentially a gas safety check of flues, pipework and appliances in your rented property.

A safety check is not necessarily the same as a service, but by and large it makes no sense to open up a boiler, for instance, to do a safety check without servicing it at the same time.

So, when SafeSure Plumbing And Heating Ltd. talk about doing a Gas Safety certification, we are usually talking about servicing of appliances with safety certification at the same time.

Gas Safety checks and certificates must only be carried out by Gas Safe registered technicians.

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CP12 Gas Safety certificate


If your property is managed by a letting agent you should take a look at the contract that you have with them to see whether they are formally taking responsibility for gas safety or not.

It may be that although they are arranging the annual gas safety checks, if they forget for any reason and something unfortunate occurs the legal responsibility may be yours.

It's best to know what the arrangement between you and the letting agent is. If the real responsibility lies with you, you need to be absolutely sure that the checks are getting done each year by a properly qualified person.

Record Keeping

You, or your responsible agent need to keep records of each certification for two years after it has been supplied.

You must also supply any tenant who is staying at the property for longer than 28 days with a copy of the CP12 certificate within 28 days of the safety checks taking place.

It tenants do not stay longer than 28 days then a copy of the CP12 needs to be displayed in a prominent place for your short term tenants to see.

Relevant Government Information

The government supplies a handy FAQ regarding your responsibilities as a landlord here:

Or, for those who like to get stuck into a full set of government regulations, you can read the whole of the The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1988 on the link below. The good news is that you probably only really need to read Part F of the document, which is only three pages:

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