Heating and Boiler Breakdowns


As a Gas Safe registered  company we are well positioned to deal with boiler breakdowns in Luton.

Though, when we get calls for boiler breakdown it is sometimes the case that the boiler is not at fault at all, as there are a number of components in a central heating system that can cause the system to fail.

In a boiler the common causes are the fan, the gas valve, the burner or the electronics, but system-wide we may have to look at the thermostat, the control unit, the pump, or the motorised valves, it hards to be sure until we get on site.

Very occasionally we come across boilers that are in a truly bad way and we are reminded of the importance of annual servicing. This is quite unusual, though, most breakdowns are fairly easily repaired.

boiler fix

This was a very rare case we came across where things had gone too far and repair was not possible.


Boiler Breakdowns Are Given Priority

Since being without a boiler is a serious issue, particularly for households with children and older people, we do our best to give these calls priority and will often work outside normal hours if we are not immediately available.

We only send out Gas Safe registered technicians to work with gas appliances and they each carry their accreditation with them, or else you can look us up on the Gas Safe register, here.

For any issues with your central heating system in Luton, whether it be a boiler breakdown, or any other component of the system, we are here to help.

Call us on: 01582 380777

Diverts to mobile if the above number is unattended for any reason.

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