MagnaClean Installations In Luton


We are an installer of the Magnaclean system, based in Luton.

A MagnaClean filter is a device attached to a central heating system near to the boiler and is used to keep the system free from rusty sludge.

Rust in central heating systems does the following:

  • Causes damage to your boiler.
  • Makes radiators inefficient.
  • Makes radiators less hot.
  • Causes more energy to be used and increases your carbon footprint.

The MagnaClean is such a valuable device for keeping oxidation at bay that it has started to become a standard for most central heating systems. These days our company rarely installs a new heating system or boiler without including one as part of the installation.

Magnaclean installer in luton

A MagnaClean filter is installed close to your boiler

A MagnaClean filter and the cleansing process that goes with it, the MagnaCleanse, can be installed at any time during the liflecycle of your central heating system, but most commonly we install one during a new installation, or when we do a boiler service.

The price for a MagnaClean installation in the Luton area from us will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your system and how long it has been since it was last cleaned internally.

We have supplied a longer article about MagnaClean in our blog, which details most of what you are likely to want to know about the system. Read the article here.

If you have already heard about MagnaClean (many people have by now) and are thinking of protecting your central heating system in this way we would be very happy to supply you with a price quoatation. Just give us a call for a friendly chat about your requirements.

SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Ltd is registered with the manufacturer, ADEY, as an installer of MagnaClean in the Luton area.

Contact us on Tel: 01582 380777

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