What Is A MagnaCleanse?

installed MagnaClean
After reading this article you should understand what a MagnaCleanse is (central heating flushing system) and why you might want to have a MagnaClean (filter) installed in your home. We will also supply an idea of costs.   Quite a …
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The Strange Case of ‘The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015’

Carbon monoxide detector
The Regulation That Makes No Sense Earlier  this year (2015) private landlords started to get notifications from their letting agents that there was new government legislation in the pipeline that they needed to be aware of. It related to the …
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How Often Should You Have A Boiler Service?

Close up of a gas boiler service
How Often Do You Need A Gas Boiler Service?   By the end of this short article you will understand how often a gas boiler needs to be serviced and exactly why that is. So, stick with it.   The …
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Statues, Toast And Plumbing

Picture on toasted shaped like skull and crossbones
What Do Central Heating Systems, The Statue of Liberty And Burnt Toast Have in Common? This article describes how you can best protect your central heating system from internal degradation. Warning: This is a thinly veiled advertisement, posing as something very, …
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Combi Boiler Pros And Cons

Central heating
What Is a Combi Boiler? Around 70% of new homes in the UK now come with a combi boiler fitted, as opposed to the more traditional boilers. So, if your home is in need of a replacement boiler, which should …
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