Central Heating And New Radiators In Luton


Given that we are a plumbing and heating company it goes without saying that we fit new radiators in the Luton and surrounding areas, as well as complete central heating systems.

The majority of radiators that we come across and fit are made from mild steel, which offers good heat retention, plus a reasonable price. However, steel rusts over time, which can cause damage to your boiler (link opens in new window) plus there can be clear visible signs of rust to your radiator, which can become unsightly.

At that point it is probably sensible to consider fitting a new radiator, which we will be very happy to come out and do for you.

When drawing up the specification for a new central heating system, or a just a single new radiator, it is important that the correct sizes are selected - something that we can obviously help with.

If you get the sizes wrong you will possibly leave rooms too cold and/or create inefficiency.

Adding a TRV to Your New Radiators

Another consideration is whether you require thermostatic radiator valves fitted to your new radiator, or your existing ones.

new column radiator

A new retro style column radiator we fitted with a TRV on the left-hand side.


A TRV regulates the flow of water to your radiator according to the surrounding temperature and the setting of your choice.

The advantages of TRV's are that you are able to set the heat output of your radiators to whatever feels most comfortable to you, as well as avoid wasting money by overheating rooms. You can switch radiators off completely if you choose.

If you live in Luton and need a new radiator to be fitted, or any other central heating job, we are just a phone call away.

Please feel free to call and ask for advice and to discuss your requirements. We will be please to chat to you.

Note: Finance is only available for larger jobs with a value in excess of £750 - which is highly unlikely to be the case for single radiator changes.

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