Other Services Offered and Recommended By Us


Let us help you with other trades services. It won't cost you any more and we promise only great work.

Other services - electricians and builders

Our Partners

By necessity most tradesmen build working relationships with other tradesmen and we are no different. From time to time we call on carpenters, plasterers, builders and electricians and as consequence we know who we can trust to do a good job for a fair price. We know who will do work when they say they will and who will treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

Many of our customers like us to take responsibility for whole jobs, as opposed to just the plumbing and heating side of things and consequently we are happy to either recommend or sub-contract work to our recommended trade partners.

Charges to the customer do not significantly alter either way, as contracted work is discounted to us.


Simon Godfrey. Where possible we like to employ local electrician, Simon Godfrey, for our electrical work. Simon has worked for himself for many years and is an absolutely first class electrician who we highly recommend. As we work very closely with Simon, please call us in the first instance to arrange for price quotations. Call 07850 462932.

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are not included in the work that SafeSure currently do. Therefore, we handle these calls with the help of our highly experienced partner, Chris Keep. Call 07850 462932 for price quotations on all and any work that needs to be done on your oil boiler.

General Builders

Logo for Maplebrooke buildersMaplebrooke Construction . We do a lot of work for Luton based  Maplebrooke Construction and recommend them to customers who require any type of building work done. They have been involved in the building business for decades and examples of their excellent work can be seen all over the surrounding areas and on their website. Click Here to learn more about them (opens in a separate window).

Trade Associations and Accreditations