Burst Water Pipes in Luton


As many of us know to our cost there are occasions when changes in the weather can cause water pipes to freeze or burst in our homes.

Unlagged pipes in mainly older buildings are often prone to this, but burst or leaky water pipes can happen at any time in any home.

Most often leaky or burst pipes happen in the more exposed areas of the home, such as in the loft space. However, they do sometimes occur in underfloor areas, such as when the trap below an upstairs bath or shower is leaking.

Burst pipes are one of the jobs that we try to treat with utmost priority. Assuming that all of our plumbers are not already engaged elsewhere, we will endeavour to come and help you as soon as possible.

burst pipes

This tank was slowly leaking and rotting the ceiling joists until eventually it went through!

In the event that you have spotted a slowly leaking pipe, which is resulting in a growing dark patch in the ceiling (over days, or weeks), for instance, we advise having the leak attended to sooner, rather than later.

Failing to attend to leaks promptly invariably results in more expensive damage in the long run.

If you have spotted a leaky pipe, or a completely burst pipe and you live in the Luton, or surrounding areas, please give us a call and we will come out to you as soon as possible.

Call: 01582 380777

Diverts to mobile if the above number is unattended for any reason.

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