Statues, Toast And Plumbing

Picture on toasted shaped like skull and crossbones

What Do Central Heating Systems, The Statue of Liberty And Burnt Toast Have in Common? This article describes how you can best protect your central heating system from internal degradation. Warning: This is a thinly veiled advertisement, posing as something very, very, very slightly interesting. Well, hopefully it’s a bit more than that, but you be…

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Combi Boiler Pros And Cons

Central heating

What Is a Combi Boiler? Around 70% of new homes in the UK now come with a combi boiler fitted, as opposed to the more traditional boilers. So, if your home is in need of a replacement boiler, which should you choose? What is the difference between a modern (condensing) conventional boiler and a combi…

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10 Interesting Plumbing Facts

10 Facts About the Fascinating World of Plumbing & Heating As a plumbing and heating company we frequently get calls from journalists and plumbing fans asking for fascinating facts about plumbing. In order to avoid repeating the same old gripping historical information we have asked our press department to prepare a list of a few of the…

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The New Company Starts Here

Here We Go First blog. T-naaaa . . . Well, the company is setup, the vans are being sign-written and the new company bank account is open. SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Limited is more of a new business partnership than it is a new company. True, Safesure is literally a new company, but it is…

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