The New Company Starts Here

Here We Go

First blog. T-naaaa . . .

Well, the company is setup, the vans are being sign-written and the new company bank account is open.

SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Limited is more of a new business partnership than it is a new company.

True, Safesure is literally a new company, but it is spawned by RS Robinson, where the two new company directors, Richard Robinson and Tom Gallimore, have come from.

RS Robinson was formed in Luton in the 1970’s by Richard Robinson Senior and has been a successful and busy plumbing company ever since.

The new company amounts to being a fresh start with a new emphasis on growth; which we hope will be gradual, but deliberate. We will of course take with us our much valued customer base.

SafeSure Plumbing and Heating does not have a mission statement yet; we’re working on it, but when we do it won’t be a million miles from this:

SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Limited will grow, diversify and prosper by delivering outstanding performance and customer service within the plumbing and allied trades.

Actually, that probably just about says it!

How Do We Get There?

Growth, of course, is easier to say than it is to achieve. So, how do we plan to proceed?

To begin with Safesure is already doing more on the internet than RS Robinson ever did. We have a website for a start!

Beyond that, we are making ourselves fully active on social media and looking to become as engaged with friends, associates and local people as we can by using that medium. In addition, forging strategic partnerships through business networking is a possibility, as is traditional advertising.

When you trawl through the yellow pages ( it can be surprising to see how many self-employed tradesmen don’t have websites. The reasons are probably down to what is commonly referred to ‘lifestyle’ businesses. Meaning, that for many they are happy so long as they have enough work to keep themselves busy and earning.

That is perfectly understandable and fair enough. Not everybody needs or wants to be Richard Branson.

However, the lifestyle versus progressive model is probably where SafeSure Plumbing and Heating Limited’s departs from the old company.

RS Robinson started small, grew bigger and then contracted again, to become a lifestyle business. SafeSure aims to slowly grow and hopefully keep growing; even with all the challenges and difficulties that can bring.

We don’t see ourselves as Bransons or Trumps, but we can try, can’t we?

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