The Pros and Cons of Traditional, Combi, and System Boilers.

Use this guide to identify what kind of boiler you have, or which boiler type you should invest in. There is a summary at the bottom of the page.

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Summary of Boiler Types

Traditional Boilers
Most older houses have these. They can delivery hot water and heating to all sizes of home. They need tanks in the loft and a cylinder. You have to wait for water to heat.

Combi Boilers
Instant hot water at mains pressure, but not suited to larger homes (3-4 bedrooms or more) as water is heated instantly and they struggle to deliver with larger water draws.

System Boilers
Our recommended boiler type if you are starting from scratch, and catering for multiple occupancy. No tanks needed in the loft, plus plenty of hot water is delivered at mains pressure.

Note: Heating systems with cylinders (Traditional and System boilers) can employ cylinders that have been adapted for use with solar panels.