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  1. Thanks for listing the pros and cons and giving in depth info on the upside and downside of water softeners. The information helped in making my decision wether to install a water softener or not.

  2. Conventional boiler allowed you to have a hot press which is really useful in a damp climate ..and cats love them

    The combi doesn’t need tanks but you do have to install a boiler and usually in the kitchen and usually on gas .. And it is ugly unless you get a cabinet constructed round it ..

    • Amongst our customers opinion tends to be mixed on whether they find boilers unsightly, or not. Some want them boxed in, others are happy to let it all hang out.

      As for positioning, you can put a boiler pretty much where you want. As an example, I decided to put mine in the loft, just to safe a bit of space.

  3. Good article thanks but in the example corroded damage you fail to mention when the boiler was last serviced. How long did it take for such damage to occur? Thanks

  4. Hi Elaine,

    The poor shower pressure may suggest that your hot water is being fed by gravity from a tank in the loft, which can be disapointing when showering. It may be that to improve matters you would have to have a pump installed to bring the pressure up when showering. This would likely cost a few hundred pounds, and you would need to contact a local plumber to survey your system and supply an estimate. Unfortunately, would do not work in Oxfordshire.

    With regard to measuring water leakage on the property, the only way this can be done is by metering. Some water companies supply smart meters on the boundary of the property which take measurements and send them back to their accounts departments. If you do not have a smart meter, it may be that your water company will supply one. If you are in Oxford, I believe that your local water company will be Thames Water, who do offer smart meters, I believe. You should simply call and ask.